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Carson Yeung refused permission

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Carson Yeung refused permission Empty Carson Yeung refused permission

Post  hootie63 Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:58 pm

Carson Yeung has been refused permission to attend his fathers funeral because of fear he could abscond since some of his wealth is not in Chinese hands and they fear that granting him leave to attend could end in him not returning. So the Judge while understanding and feeling sympathetic towards Carson Yeung also felt he had a duty to the Hong Kong judicial system.
For me this is out of order like they say ways and means to everything and surely they could of sorted something it is funny how Hong Kong's own bank (HSBC) have admitted money laundering and their bosses are free to come and go, the longer this goes on with this Carson Yeung case the more it seem's like he is being made the scape goat in this and used as an example because they think he stepped above his station and people in the higher sectors of the Chinese government didn't like the idea that he was getting more attention outside China than they were.
Whatever the reason is denying somebody attending a family funeral is not good in my book.
Carson Yeung Senior passed away on 21st July

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Carson Yeung refused permission Empty Re: Carson Yeung refused permission

Post  bluenosekev Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:51 am

I though the saying went "Innocent until proved Guilty" ? Seems very harsh that Carson has been denied the right to attend his old man's funeral.


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