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Jake Jervis bites back at Clark

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Jake Jervis bites back at Clark Empty Jake Jervis bites back at Clark

Post  hootie63 Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:35 pm

Full twitter from Jake
Everyone coming out about bitterness nothing to do with me and not playing at bcfc im big enough to say obviously had better established Strikers ahead of me just think bcfc is a big club were fans deserve better an just speaking truth?? Is that a crime?? #justsayin
And to set record straight no one is slating blues the club or anything lol very defensive and sensitive people.
--For all you ppl wondering I don't know about zigic situation to comment on I was referring to the past!! Where is Keith Fahey just asking??
--Isn't it bit weird that he's not been at club for months on end??? Leroy Lita was mutual understanding #GoodBanter#ImDone
--shock people think its sour grapes just facts is all same quality players with quality players added, y r brum struggling, just asking???

Can of worms opened by somebody in the know

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