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Post  bluenoseghag Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:36 am

For a laugh, lets see

Butland - 7 - 2 great saves, with the diving one on to the post and the one-on-one. Coulda been 8 without him

Mullins - 4 - Contraversial, but apart from the disgusting airkick for the first goal he was ok, and shouldn't have been subbed off

Ibanez - 7 before injury/ 1 after - Best player first half, but once he took that knock to the shoulder it was embarrassing, people just waltzing past him inside and out till he fell over

Caldwell - 5 - Didn't make any mistakes, couldn't atone for the lack of defense but wasn't the captain fantastic we really needed

Murphy - n/a

Burke - 4 - Few runs, but kept running forward then turning back and getting clattered. Too negative, should've been looking forward for the pass but never did

Fahey - 2 - Shocker, none of the adventure he usually brings, only one of the chip through balls he loves that were effective on Tuesday. Couldn't pass and didn't work hard, looked unfit

Spector - n/a - unfair to give him a rating since LC dragged him round the pitch from CM to LB to CB, what a joke

Elliott - 1 - Couldn't pass to a Blue shirt, often played the wrong ball and in the second half went direct when we were crying out for a bit of keep ball

Lita - 0.5 - Lost the ball every time he got it

King - 0.6 - Didn't lose the ball like Lita, but that's only because he never got into any position to get it or control it

Ambrose - 0 - At fault for 2 goals, no pace, enthusiasm or work ethic. Nothing going forward either, would have been better with 10 men

Zigic - 6 - Just for his 2 slide tackles

Redmond - 5 - Because he actually cared that we were getting thumped

Clark - 0 - Players played bad, not his fault, but his catastrophic substitutions turned the game into an embarassment


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Player Ratings Empty Re: Player Ratings

Post  hootie63 Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:48 pm

never do things like this but cant resist this time

Butland - 7 still made a few silly mistake but to be honest couldn't fault him for any goals, but his kicking needs some power taking off it .

Mullins - 4 not really a Right Back thrown into a position where he wasn't given any help which in turn made him look worse

Ibanez - 4 looked total past his sell by date i know Davis as not been playing his best but surely he is better than this guy.

Caldwell - 3 just not been with it this season seems to be going through the motions rather than throwing his all into the game

Murphy - 5 did Ok until injury but still had a couple of iffy moments

Burke - 4 Another who as looked all at sea this season had a couple of runs 1st half otherwise out of the game for most and didn't give Mullins much help

Fahey - 4 Looks like he is nowhere near match ready after his long break through injury is off the pace needs a Battler along side for him to perform to his best

Spector - 6 seemed to be about the only outfield player who was willing to chase down problem for him is he cant do it on his own was given no support

Elliott - 2 worse game ive seen from him in a Blues shirt gave the ball away easy seemed to be like a boy playing against men totally out of his depth something we know he isnt

Lita - 4 Ran for everything but without much coming off but with lack off help from midfield he was having to come deeper and deeper to try and make things happen just not his game

King - 2 generous with that mark sorry but if he is the best we have then i fear for the season. was at fault for the 1st goal totally missing the ball allowing it to run through the 6 yard box sorry but get him out now

Ambrose - 2 another thrown in when not fit surely Clark as got to realise we have Kids who are fit and willing to do battle rather than risking losing a player long term

Zigic -5 should of been on much earlier at least at 1-0 when will Clark realise that he scares the shite out of defenders if nothing else and when things are not working IE midfield yesterday he would of gave us the option to bypass them and go more direct.

Redmond - 5 was on a loser from the moment he came on with backs so much to the wall it just wasn't a game to throw him into

Clark - 0 the poor 1st half was more down to the players than him really but where he does earn his corn is at half time and substitutions and failed very very badly on both yesterday, wrong subs, wrong timing, no motivation just seemed to panic rather than making sensible changes that could help the team

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