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Olympics Games costs

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Olympics Games costs Empty Olympics Games costs

Post  hootie63 Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:27 pm

So with the budget gone up to 9 billion how does the rest of the country benefit from this surely only London will be the big benefactors. I haven't once heard of any money being spent on other venues out side London it seems more of a case of you want the Football then you sort it out while the Londoners get all your taxpayers money for upgrades to their city "Legacy" . I might be wrong but that is the way it seems to me and it really is starting to put me off watching the Olympics even though i love the sport and try to watch every time its on whatever the time of day it is another case of North of Watford doesn't exist until it comes to collecting taxes.

Dont get me wrong i will support the athletes and be as patriotic as normal its just with a tinge of sadness that the rest of the country seems to have missed out or ignored

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Olympics Games costs Empty Re: Olympics Games costs

Post  bluesbot Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:34 pm

Of course most of the 'legacy' of the games will indeed fall on London, as the principle host of the games, however the legacy will indeed have a small effect elsewhere both positively and negatively.
Weymouth and Portland have seen improvements to its road infrastructure (sp) with the building of a bypass and also other improvements in this area.
In the Weymouth and Portland Olympic Village - the central hub as it were which has been built specifically to become a school after the game - so a lasting legacy for portland. Also improvements have ongoing around the Marina in portland - so it becomes a major venue for sailing after the games.

As for the negatives - unfortunately local business are suffering this year as families decide not to visit weymouth and portland as they fear it will be packed - so lots of hoteliers and the like are seeing a big drop in business. However Weymouth and Portland will be shown in all its glory on TV across the world - so hopefully this will increase tourism in future years

Most of the other regional venues will see no impact as most will be football specific venues


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