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Transfer Deadline Day not so bad

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Transfer Deadline Day not so bad Empty Transfer Deadline Day not so bad

Post  hootie63 Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:39 am

Transfer Deadline Day was going be a bad day for us according to all reports but in reality more than happy with what we have ended up with only Jack B going which we knew anyway. Not the best price for him but not bad either 3.5mill + loan back + wages paid.
Could of been a lot worse and in fact most were fearing it was going to be or does this prove that the info received recently is totally right and the club has been sold just waiting on paperwork to be completed before its announced officially


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Transfer Deadline Day not so bad Empty Re: Transfer Deadline Day not so bad

Post  evergreen blue Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:31 pm

I thought the price for JB was closer to £5m, but never mind, It wasn't as bad a day as a lot of us were expecting. I wonder if they put a "Sell on" clause in the contract. Numpty may not have thought of it. Although we are lucky, in that the officials in the club are quite clued up.

Beyond that I can't wait for the club to be sold to some one or organisation/consortium who have the club at heart, like we all do.

But whatever happens, as usual I will not worry overmuch. Que sera, sera.

evergreen blue
evergreen blue

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