Court being to Harsh on Carson!

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Court being to Harsh on Carson! Empty Court being to Harsh on Carson!

Post  Forza Blues on Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:31 am

News on Carson:

Carson yesterday was not allowed to leave Hong Kong after the Court said no to his appeal of going to his dad`s Funeral!

Am sorry but thats too Harsh! I know Carson has given us a hell of a year (off pitch), but when someone like your dad dies, you always have to see him for the last time and to see the court saying no is too harsh! I feel for the guy! There is more to life then football and as a human being, Carson deserves to go to his dads funeral! To be fair to Carson he has won us a cup and maybe with whats happened we could get stronger then ever!

Thoughts? KRO!
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